SenseiAQ Monitoring & Analysis Software

SenseiAQ software for Piera Systems collects live-data from USB-connected Piera sensors for real-time logging and analysis of Particulate Matter (PM) as well as alerting on Air Quality Index (AQI) fluctuations over time.

SenseiAQ also Cloud-Enables a locally-connected sensor providing an IoT Gateway (software) functionality on a Client PC, Mac or Android device ensuring the same data can be stored, viewed and analyzed remotely through the Piera Systems SenseiAQ Cloud.

The software is provided with all Canāree
products and Piera IPS-Series sensors equipped with USB-to-Serial Cable (included with Evaluation Kit) , while the Cloud-reporting functionality is included for all customers under a yearly subscription/maintenance agreement.

Dashboard View

The Dashboard View allows for quick analysis of AQI in real-time.

Analysis View

The Analysis view allows for more detailed analysis of the data in real-time and provides the ability to include or exclude certain PM sizes on a historical line chart. The charts can be updated by clicking the Refresh button or automatically by enabling the Auto-Refresh checkbox. Selecting a PC size value will exclude that data from the chart. Data can be formated as Particle Counts, Particle Mass, PC Ratio’s, Distribution by Count or Mass. Data can also be viewed relative to last minute for faster comparisons in real-time.

SenseiAQ Cloud Monitoring

When the Software is connected to the Internet and running Particle Count (PC) and Air Quality Index (AQI) information will be sent to the SenseiCloud and this information can be viewed and analysed using any phone or web browser using the SenseiAQ Cloud. The Cloud also supports monitoring Canaree I-Series IoT-Devices connected via Wifi or Ethernet when running independently of SenseiAQ.

SenseiAQ Cloud provides a single dashboard to monitor all of your Piera sensors in a single view, so you can easily identify Air Quality Issues accross your environment remotely at any time.

An Open API supports third party integrations such as Air Quality Management Systems, Air Purifiers, Building Control Systems and Network Monitoring Systems. SenseiAQ Software runs on Windows, MAC while the SenseiAQ Cloud* can be viewed from any device with a web-browser.


• Displays real-time Particulate Counts and Particulate Mass for up to 7 sizes including
 (PC0.1, PC0.3, PC0.5, PC1.0, PC2.5, PC5.0, PC10)
• Auto calculates and displays latest AQI scores every 60 seconds
• Dashboard displays Particulate Matter concentration in ug/m3 and corresponding AQI for 3 bins 
 (PM1.0, PM2.5, PM10)
• Color-coded AQI values correspond to the EPA guidelines for PM concentrations
• Fast data acquisition and sampling (1 second updates to PC/PM, 1 minute updated to AQI)
• SenseiAQ Software supports Windows or MacOS.
• Supports USB connected Piera IPS sensors and Canāree products
• Supports export to CSV for local data logging, backup or analysis in MS Excel.
• Provides various view options for data analysis

Applications Include:

• Indoor air quality monitoring and analysis

• Ideal for Cleanrooms, hospitals, office and retail spaces, college campuses, industrial environments, hotel and shared living spaces

• Smoke/vape detection areas with real-time alerts and notifications

• Smart building management systems, smart-city infrastructures

SenseiAQ Software displays the data on a dashboard including Air-Quality-Index (AQI) Scores which are color-coded for simplicy based on US EPA Limits. Alerts for vape/smoke and AQI upper-limits can be generated automatically.

*Access to the SenseiAQ Cloud requires a subscription from Piera Systems.

Software Specifications
OS Support

Windows (7, 10 Pro / Home Edition) 

MacOS (High Sierra, x.x.x) 

Distribution Package  Electron Installer / Cross-Platform React Package, signed by Piera Systems
Language  Node.js 
USB Interfaces 

Piera IPS™-Series Evaluation Kit Cable

Canaree™-Series USB Connector Included

Type A – USB 2.0 5V input 

Max Length 10m / 32’ via extension

SiliconLabs CP2102 Chipset 115200 BPS

Install Package Size 350Mb
Hardware Supported

Piera-IPS ™ Series PM Sensors

Piera Canaree™ Series AQM 

Cloud Reporting 

Native support for Microsoft Azure IoT Hub

Software acts as IoT Gateway Device  

API Support

Direct Serial API (CSV format) 

Azure IoT via REST API in JSON format

Language Support English, Spanish, French


SenseiAQ Datasheet